Lamberg-castle, Museum

Artifact of the month - March 2023

Water bench/stand

The purpose of the "artifact of the month" series is to present an outstanding artifact to those interested each month, which can be viewed in the exhibitions of the Mór Memorial and Art Exhibition in the Lamberg Castle.

The stand, the milk container or the larger water containers were placed in the kitchen, in the room or on the porch. Other names: water bench (in general), card bench (in Transylvania), pitcher holder (in the Lowlands), water chair (in the Highlands), pitcher holder, cheese rack, bucket holder (southwestern Hungary). In the beginning, a thicker board was placed under the pots, due to the ground material floor becoming muddy.

The dish is usually placed high, for example: on wooden stand or on a piece of wood. The backless bench was also used as a wet bench.

Perhaps such a simple type of bench is also mentioned in a document from Hódmezővásárhely in 1741 as a pitcher's bench and pitcher's chair. In the 19th century, water benches built for this purpose appeared in Hungarian farmhouses. It usually has two shelves, sometimes it has 2-4 round cutouts for dishes.

The water bench shown in the photo can be viewed by visitors in the chamber of the German National Landscape House of the Lamberg Castle.

Source: Néprajzi Lexikon