Lamberg-castle, Museum

Short history of the castle

Lamberg Castle Mor - short history

The castle was built by Lord Franz Anton Lamberg for a summer residence. According to datas the construction was started in year 1762, the planner was Jakab Fellner. The castle was completed in 1766.

In 1810 an earthquacke destroyed the building, big part of the two flanks had rebuilt. The main and the side-building were joint by a closed corridor, so here worked out a closed yard.

The original enfilade layout ( the doors of the rooms are on one axis) was remained in the upstairs.

There are the original, elaboratedwooden door-and window-frames on both floors. Some of the stone-carvings had found in the castle’s neigbourhood which belongs to the stairs of the castle.

Originally the castle was richly decorated with paintings, it gives evidence of a painter’s work from the late-rococo. The portion of this representation can be seen on the upstairs and in the baroque room.